Friday, March 27, 2009

CA PCC - Inputs for exams - Paper 6 – Information Technology & Strategic Management

Hi Frenz,

I'm just putting down the points that my friend Poonam followed for the CA - PCC exams. The books referred in the note below need not necessarily be followed. You can always follow other books.

Paper 6 – Information Technology & Strategic Management

1. The pattern of the question paper is as follows

a. Information Technology (50 marks)

i. Briefly describe – 5x1=5marks
ii. Explain the following– 5x1=5marks
iii. 2x5=10 marks (2 out of 3)
iv 10 marks
v. Flowchart/Decision Table – 10 marks (SURE)
vi. Short notes – 2x5=10marks

b. Strategic Management (50 marks)

i. State with reasons – True/False - 3x2=6 marks (3 out of 5)
ii. 2x2=4 marks (2 out of 3)
iii. 10 marks
iv. 10 marks
v. Case Study – 20 marks

2. Padhuka publications book will suffice for exams

3. Read the computer glossary to score 5 marks in describing the computer terminologies

4. If you have attended the class, please go through the class notes first and then read the book.

5. Please go through the RTP prescribed for your attempt, as sometimes the exam problem is one of the RTP questions.

6. Your answer should be brief, in points, will surely fetch you more marks.

7. Case study is a very good scoring area. Understand the case clearly and answer the questions briefly and to the point.

8. Time will not be a constraint.

9. The Subject is full of technical jargons so you need to read the subject again and again say 2-3 readings to get used to the said language.

10. Try to go through the past question papers and the feel of the type of questions asked in the exams.

11. Do not leave any topic as the paper will cover the entire syllabus and almost no choices

Further Suggestions / Inputs / Comments are invited.

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pratyusha said...

This give us really good guidance.But i am getting confused about sccaner,super sccaner,suggested, compiler & further which book is reffer for accounts.