Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CA PCC - Inputs for exams - Paper 3 - Law , Ethics & Communication

Hi Frenz,

I'm just putting down the points that my friend Poonam followed for the CA - PCC exams. The books referred in the note below need not necessarily be followed. You can always follow other books.

PAPER - 3 – Law , Ethics & Communication

1. The pattern of the question paper is as follows

a. Law

i. Question 1 & 2 are compulsory (both 10 marks each)
ii. You have to attend 8/10 questions x 5 marks each = 40
iii. Total 60 marks – Law

b. Ethics

i. Question 13 is compulsory – 10 marks
ii. Attend any 2 from the rest 3 questions – 5x2=10 marks
iii. Question no 15 – State whether correct/incorrect with reasons (attend any 2 from 4)
iv. Total 20 marks – Ethics

c. Communication

i. Question no 17 is compulsory - 10 marks
ii. Any 2 from the rest 3 - 5x2 = 10 marks
iii. Total 20 marks – Communication

2. MP Vijaykumar notes / Padhuka publications book will suffice for exams

3. Do not leave any topic as the paper will cover the entire syllabus

4. Law following are the expected marks / topics
a. Companies Act – 35 marks
b. Contract Act – 10 marks
c. Negotiable Instrument – 10 marks
d. Gratuity – 5 marks
e. Bonus – 5 marks
f. PF Act – 5 marks

5. Please go through the RTP prescribed for your attempt, as sometimes the exam problem is one of the RTP questions.

6. Write the answers in points, it will fetch you more marks

7. Please read the provisons deeply as the exam questions will be very tricky

8. Time will be a constraint so plan your time well in advance

9. For the cases asked use the pattern where your answer clearly distinguishes:

The facts of the case
The provisions of the law
Analysis of the case

This will definitely fetch you more marks.

10. Be thorough with the following
a. Drafting notices of AGM/EGM
b. Minutes
c. Legal Documents

As more than 10 marks in communication are asked from above (including compulsory question)

11. Ethics & Comm are scoring sections

12. Try to go through the past question papers and the feel of the type of questions asked and the related provisions of law

13. Law section covers atleast 6 marks for one word answers. It becomes a good scoring area

14. Concentrate well on the gratuity, bonus and PF Act as these are very small acts and the same questions keep repeating in the exams

Further Suggestions / Inputs / Comments are invited.

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Kannan said...

Whether quoting of section numbers in law is a must