Friday, January 30, 2009

CA Final - Inputs for exams - Paper 6 - MICS

Hi Frenz,

I'm just putting down the points that i followed for the CA - Final exams. The books / points referred in the note below need not necesarily be followed. You can always follow other books/ points.

Paper 6 - MICS

1. Padhuka Publications – Sarvana Prasath Book is sufficient for exams

2. If you have attended the class please go through the class notes first and then read the text book.

3. The Subject is full of technical jargons so you need to read the subject again and again say 2-3 readings to get used to the said language.

4. The questions in exams can be of 2 types

a. General Questions – (Example – What aspects will you check while purchasing a computer)
b. Specific Questions – What is DSS.? What are the different kinds of DSS tools.?

5. So for general questions you can write general answers, however for specific questions your answer should be to the point.

6. The pattern of the question paper is as follows:

a. You have to attend 5 out of 7 questions (20 marks each)
b. Question number 1 is compulsory
c. Never attend the 1st question at the start as they are very tricky.

7. Time will not be a constraint. You can spend at the max half an hour for each question. You can easily attend 100 marks within the time given.

8. If you glance the recent papers you can observe that at least one question is asked from every topic either. The objective being coverage of entire syllabus. So please don’t leave any topic. Read everything.

9. Write the answers in points and sub headings. It will fetch you more marks.

10. Wherever possible quote examples.

11. Please go through the RTP prescribed for your attempt, as sometimes the exam problem is one of the RTP questions.

12. Go through some past exam papers and feel the comfort that the same you can answer in exams well within the time frame.

Further Suggestions / Inputs / Comments are invited.
Thank You.