Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CA Final - Inputs for exams - Paper 2 - MAFA

Hi Frenz,

I'm just putting down the points that i followed for the CA - Final exams. The books / points referred in the note below need not necesarily be followed. You can always follow other books/ points.


1.    Padhuka Publications – Sarvana Prasath & Sai Mukundan authored book is sufficient for exams.

2.    Padhuka Publications books have the following advantages:

a.    It is in very simple English & QA Format
b.    The coverage is based on the Institute Material
c.    It covers the Suggested Answers for at least past 10 years
d.    It covers RTP at least for past 10 years

3.    Time will be a constraint. You can spend at the max half an hour for each question (attending anything between 80 to 100 marks is really good)

4.    Never attend Q.No 1.first. Start with any other question because always the compulsory question will be tricky or time consuming.

5.    Just 2 months before the exams Mr. Pattabiram will discuss the important topics for the relevant attempt. At least 50% of the questions in exams are from his important questions. So check out with people who have attended the latest batch of his classes.

6.    When you go through the above authored material you will find many similar problems in a topic, while doing your first reading cut out the similar problems so that before exams you have the least problems for preparing.

7.    If you have attended the class please go through the class notes first and then read the text book.

8.    The pattern of the question paper is as follows:

a.    You have to attend 5 out of 6 questions
b.    Every question is for 20 marks (20x5=100)

9.    Theory questions will be very simple and straight forward and please don't ignore theory as they ask at least 20-30 marks theory in exams. It will help in scoring and also clearing the exams.

10.    Please go through the RTP prescribed for your attempt, as sometimes the exam problem is one of the RTP questions.

11.    Keep practising the problems during your preparations. It will give you momentum and will let you know which problem will take how much time in exams

12.    If you glance the recent papers you can observe that at least one question is asked from every topic either (theory / problem). The objective being coverage of entire syllabus. So please don't leave any topic. Read everything

13.    Prepare formulae for every topic. Then do the following

a.    Read the theory first
b.    Then Read the formulae
c.    Then practise problems

14.    Read the formulae 2-3 times so that you get well versed with them and can work out the problems quickly.

Further Suggestions / Inputs / Comments are invited.
Thank You.


ishika said...

dear its realy good guidance which u r providing...thanx...can u do same fro tax??

ruchi said...

hi...Can u tell any source to contact Mr Pattabiram??

Balasubramani said...

The guidance is really good and it speaks the real effort. Good luck B


icai student said...

Dear Chandra Kumar

Please let me know ,is study material good enough to Prepare Mafa??